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Submit your application and select one of the following vendor types:  Craft Vendor, Information Vendor, or Commercial Vendor

By submitting this online application to become a vendor in the Berea Chamber of Commerce’s Spoonbread Festival, vendors are acknowledging that they have reviewed, and agree to abide by, the information and terms as they are written in the description below. It is your responsibility to thoroughly read the description below before applying for vendor booth space in this festival.

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27th Annual Spoonbread Festival

Berea Chamber of Commerce / PO Box 1954 / Berea, KY 40403

Email: / Call: (859) 986-9760 Mon. & Thur. 10a-2p / Message FB

General Information:

  • Spoonbread Festival Dates: Friday September 15th-Sunday September 17th, 2023
  • Apply before July 31st. Fees increase on August 1st. Applications are on first come basis. FOOD VENDORS will be selected based on product type to avoid duplicates. Please email with your food descriptions, size of truck, and electrical needs. Berea Chamber will approve applications and notify you once approved.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Food vendors for the Friday evening Hot Air Balloon Glow event and Sunday morning Car Show event will participate by invitation only. Balloon Glow and Car Show food vendors must be self-contained food trucks and will only serve food during their designated event time.
  • Booth rental fees are non-refundable. There are (2) Exceptions: (1) Vendor application is denied, or (2) Entire festival is cancelled. Booth rental fee will be refunded, minus a $25 application fee, if an exception occurs.
  • All vendors accept responsibility for completing the City of Berea’s Business License Application, Restaurant Tax Information (food vendors), and Occupational License (vendors with employees).
  • All vendors MUST provide a Certificate of Liability insurance coverage with $1M coverage for: Premises/Operations, Products, & Personal Injury by Aug. 1st. Certificates MUST list Berea Chamber of Commerce as additional insured on this certificate of coverage. Email certificate to Chamber with vendor name in subject line, or postal mail to Chamber’s address above and include vendor name.
  • All vendors must submit 3 photos of their booth immediately after applying (with products/services/menu displayed). Email photos to Chamber with vendor name in subject line, or postal mail to Chamber’s address above and include vendor name.
  • Booth space WILL NOT be confirmed, nor provided, unless insurance AND photos have been submitted.
  • All lighting must be LED (if reserving a booth with electric access and additional fee has been paid).


Spoonbread Offers 4 Types of Vendor Booths: 

  1. Food Vendor: This booth provides space for vendors to prepare and sell food and drinks that are served on-site. Food vendors must adhere to local public food service operation regulations and guidelines. This booth may be stationary or mobile.
  2. Craft Vendor: This booth must display and sell only HANDMADE/HANDCRAFTED arts and crafts items. (Note: This is not a juried Craft Fair) ABSOLUTELY no flea market items, or items purchased via online/catalogs/wholesale are permitted to be sold at this booth. This booth is also not permitted to sell or give away food or drinks.
  3. Information Vendor: This booth is for businesses and non-profit organizations who wish to promote their products and services BUT DO NOT SELL those products or services at the booth. Promotional items may be given away, but items that contain food or drinks are not permitted to be given away or used as promotional items.
  4. Commercial Vendor: This booth offers space for retailers of various commercial products and services (including those who have storefronts, home-based businesses, online businesses, &/or provide sales of pre-packaged foods that are brought in from a commercial kitchen which is not located on-site) to sell their products and services during the festival. A commercial booth is not permitted to sell food that is prepared on-site, nor is it permitted to sell drinks. A commercial booth also cannot give away food or drinks.


Vendor Important Information:

Festival Location: 212 Jefferson Street in Berea, KY

Festival Hours: Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday Noon-5pm (All booths are required to be open during festival hours.) Sunday morning Car Show begins at 9am.

Check-In: Booths spaces will be assigned in September and provided to vendors when they arrive at the vendor check-in tent.

Set-Up Times: Thursday 4-7pm (must be pre-approved) or Friday 9am-1:30pm

Break-Down Time: Sunday 5-7pm (no early break-downs)

Anchoring of Tent/Canopy: Come prepared to properly anchor booth to withstand wind and rain, based on location of grass or pavement.

Electricity: Extremely limited. LED lighting is required. An electrical needs survey will be emailed to vendors adding electricity and must be returned by Aug. 1st. Come prepared with electrical cords of various lengths (if you requested and paid for electricity for your booth).

Parking: A parking pass will be provided to each vendor at check-in. The parking pass offers free parking in a designated lot during the festival. All vehicles must exit booth areas and be in vendor lot by 1:30pm on Friday. Note: vendors arriving after booth inspections have been completed on Friday will not be allowed to set up and will also forfeit their full application fee.

Security: Limited security is provided. However, all vendors who leave items in their booth do so at their own risk. The Berea Chamber of Commerce, City of Berea, and the Spoonbread Festival are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Booth Cleanliness: All vendors are responsible for the clean-up of their booth space throughout the festival. Vendors who fail to clean their booth area will be assessed a $50.00 clean-up fee and may not be invited to attend future Chamber events.

August 1st – Late Registrations: There will be a $75.00 increase to the application fee for vendors who apply on or after August 1st. Availability of booth space may be limited, or no longer available, after this date. Check website, email, or call Chamber to inquire.

Booth Inspections: Friday between 1-2:30pm (Prior to opening the festival, assigned festival inspectors will visit each booth. This festival is a family friendly event, consequently, booths are discouraged from the display or sale of offensive items. Booths with non-conforming items (illegal items, products/services that are suggestive/indecent/risqué in nature or perceived as offensive by festival attendees based on cultural heritage) will be asked to remove those items from their booth for the duration of the festival. Non-conforming booths may be asked to leave the grounds if most items are in violation. Booths in attendance must be pursuant to the Executive Orders of the City of Berea, including the Executive Order related to the sale, display, and giving away of the confederate battle flag, or merchandise bearing the image of this flag, which is prohibited, with limited historical exceptions. See City of Berea Executive Orders)

Registration Liability:

All vendors understand that the Berea Chamber of Commerce, the Spoonbread Festival, the City of Berea, and any person acting on their behalf, will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or personal injury of any kind. All vendors also understand that all tax and legal responsibility is that of the seller and all vendors are responsible for their own licenses and tax forms. Additionally, all vendors must carry liability insurance (see General Information, bullet item 6 above).

The Berea Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You!

Our Berea Chamber of Commerce Spoonbread Festival Planning Committee looks forward to your vendor application and to welcoming you to Berea, KY during the third weekend of September. Our vendors are integral to our festival’s growth and success each year and we hope you enjoy attending our festival as much as we enjoy hosting it!